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Where oh where...

Do you find preemie clothes?? I cant find anything at the stores around here!! Its driving me crazy! I have 1 preemie outfit and that is def not going to cut it! I know that we still have about 6 more weeks before she comes home, but I just feel the immense need to prepare!!

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Do you have a Babies R Us? I seem to remember them having lots more than Target or Walmart or any of the boutiques.

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They are hard to find. Baby Gap has some stuff.

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Our walmart had almost nothing but preemie.... Try BRU, Penney's and newborn things at Target.

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Amazon seems to have a pretty good selection. I haven't posted in a long time, congrats on your little girl!

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Gerber onesies run small. DS started out wearing their 3-6 month onesies along with other brands' newborn.

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I get mine at Walmart, BRU, Burlington, Target (they usually only have 1 or 2 thibgs) , Savers, Vinnies, Goodwill, and online. Check out Amazon

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I haven't ever had to shop for preemie stuff, but could you also use some short sleeve shirts as little mini dresses?? I know when they were first home, I did a lot of those wrap around style shirts for my little guys. I think they were Gerber brand, and they seemed to fit smaller than some other brands. The short sleeved ones would be ideal since you wouldn't have to worry about rolling the sleeves up.

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My mom was able to find a bunch a thrift stores. Of course, she had tons of time to find them. She just "had a feeling" that DD was going to be small, so she bought every girl preemie outfit she found. She's doing the same this time, too.

Of course, I would guess that even the preemie stuff is going to be really big on Bria at this point. DD was 6lbs at birth, and the preemie clothes fit her for a month! You could probably use those newborn kimono shirts sort of like a dress?

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I have some preemie stuff some friends sent me. When sam gets home if any of it is to small I can send you the stuff to see if it will fit Bria. I am not sure when Sam will be coming home but its just an idea.