Who else is kinda getting bored???

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Who else is kinda getting bored???

So, I feel like I have hit a limbo in my pregnancy. I already had the fun of the first trimester (tongue in cheek), hitting the 2nd trimester, and then the anatomy scan/gender reveal. I feel like the next 5 weeks are just blah territory (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!... and fingers crossed lol) I have my 24 week appt next week... which is basic and routine. I am excited that it means that Wee dude will also hit the viability mark, and I have high hopes of making it past then without the pre term stuff that started with DD then Smile But, other than that... its pretty much just watching the days roll by.... as far as this pregnancy goes. I love feeling him move, and grow... and my belly is def growing with him. There are also the aches and pains that accompany all of this... and, I of course have 3 munchkins to entertain till school starts, then 2 boys that will be off to school in Sept (1 in first grade, and the other in 1/2 day early childhood). But, I still feel like I am getting bored with it...

The next big-ish appt is my 28 week appt when I get to drink that fab. drink for the glucose test... and then appts go to every 2 weeks, so that'll help. I am thankful for a less eventful pregnancy than my last 3, very thankful, and I hope and pray that it stays that way. I guess I am also feeling a certain level of anxiety too. Like, I keep thinking of all that happened in the past, and could happen, and I just want to get to a point where I am "safe", and have other things to think about (in terms of this pregnancy) than whats coming next, when I get to ____ point, whats going to happen, what if, and so on. blah. Conflicting emotions/rant, I know.

Does this make sense to anyone? Anyone else feeling bored, or anxious about getting to the next part of their pregnancy?

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I am so there with you! Im almost to the 3rd trimester but it still almost doesnt even feel real! Its frustrating!

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I feel like I just cannot wait for the 3rd trimester (my 3rd trimester starts on September 1st which marks my favorite time of year, from September to New Years, I wish it was September to New Years forever!!!)

Although I have to say this week flew right by me... I do feel that anxious "i just can't wait to have baby already though"... my glucose test is coming up - and after how my doctor made a fuss about my 4 lb weight gain and 3 lbs being better, I am literally counting the days until my next appointment so that I can get it overwith and hopefully be under 4 lb weight gain by then (I've been doing so good that I've only gained 2oz since that doctor appt but then ruined it by eating chinese food last night!)
my point is that from July appt to Aug appt does feel like it is dragging because i am just WAITING AND WAITING...
plus i have 2 last big summer hoorahs to look forward to that I can't wait until are over because, then, like i said, It'll be September!... (i have vacation August 17-25, then Jason Mraz concert August 31).

the thing making things pick up a little for me is she is so active all of the sudden (well from last night into this morning!) DH actually got to feel her kick AND see my stomach jolt up! so that is an exciting part of this time for me.

i hope it picks up and the lull doesn't continue for us all!

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I'm perfectly happy having a boring pregnancy! However, to keep myself excited I've started working on DIY projects for her. Smile

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I am sooo anxious and it doesn't help that every night I seem to have dreams about the birth and what he will look like.

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Definitely! I hate this part, it seems like it goes much faster when we hit 28 weeks! On the plus side, I don't know about you, but August and september always fly by in our house! Hopefully october will be here before we know it!

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I wasn't really at that point until this week, it seems like all of a sudden my aches and my pains have grown into HUGE aches and BIGGER pains. My hips especially, I'm having the hardest time ever getting in and out of my car even because of my center of gravity being off and my hips just giving me so much pain by the end of the day. Not to mention pelvic pressure. >

I know it's perfectly normal to reach this point in pregnancy so it's just a matter of holding in there and hoping it goes by fast, which I'm sure it will do as soon as school starts for the kids!

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I haven't been too bored yet, but I also feel very unprepared to have a baby right now. I mean, I want to have the baby and I am emotionally totally prepared, but we still have lots to do to get ready at home so I am okay with is dragging on for now. Smile I'm looking forward to the last month of pregnancy. That is when I feel like it gets pretty exciting and everything comes together. Plus it will finally be cooler outside by then! Gees it's hot!

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Sometimes I forget that I'm pregnant until I have a dizzy spell and at night when my feet hurt so badly that I have to beg DH for a foot massage. For the most part the last few weeks have been mostly uneventful. My doctor was thrilled yesterday that I gained seven pounds in the last month after only gaining two and a half the first four months. And she strongly encouraged me to eat more often than I had been cause of the dizziness. In fact I have to start keeping a food journal of when and what I eat and see if the dizziness comes back.

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I feel the same way. I have more aches with this one. Definitely not as easy as my first two, but I'm sure I was saying the same with them. My next appt isn't until Aug 17 and I meet the doc who will be doing my surgery and we pick a day. Seems like a long ways away.

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Yeah my next appointment I sign the papers for tubal ligation, drink the nasty sugary thing for GD and I'm not sure when we pick the surgery date...

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I'm definitely feel more aches and pains that I would love to be rid of this pregnancy. I've had horrible round ligament pain this last week, which I never had with my other pregnancies.

July definitely poked along for us, we didn't really have any plans and my kids have been fighting, which makes me miss going to work (how sad is that). August we have a packed month and DS starts kindergarten at the end of the month so August/September should fly. I'm worried about October being so slow and at that point I'm sure I'll be super uncomfortable and just ready to be done.

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I feel like the days have started to creep by! I'm ready to start the 2 week appts just to help the time go by faster. I'm trying not to rush it since this baby is our last but I'm getting anxious to meet this baby!

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Time is going SOO fast for me.. @ my 24 week appt I thought "just 4 more weeks til 28.." and that it was going to seem like forever- Umm my appt is next week already!!! Where is time going?!?!?!

I think because I feel I have so much left to do- do her whole room and buy furniture still and I want to work as long as I can to save money- so I feel like its making time go by really fast.. and im still in the "comfortable" stage.. I think the last month will probably dragggg byyyy