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Wiped OUT

Since last week I have been:

-SUPER emotional

It seems like everything requires immense effort - and causes me to cry lately... the worst thing is how bored i've become with everything including what i normally eat, so since about Thursday i have not done my best-needless to say that doesn't help my mood--especially since my doctor's appointment is friday, and she had a comment about me being "1 lb over" what would have been "best"... so all month i've been diligently watching and even going for walks, but i guess i just caved in ---especially yesterday---
my doctor's appointment is friday so i have time to clean up my diet but i can't shake the exhaustion...

i wake up to have a little breakfast then go right back to sleep... luckily today DH got me out and about and we had a nice lunch - it helped me feel better and i got a book to read for when i'm feeling bored and lonely so hopefully that helps... 13 more days until we go away to Delaware, it can't come soon enough!

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I know how you feel - I am exhausted all the time, too, and since sleeping is getting harder and harder, I'm overly tired, and that's never a good combo!! I cry at the drop of a hat, or when I even think about how tired out I am, but not just about bad stuff, I cry when I think about how cute my 2 little boys are or other good things, too. Oh, hormones!!

Your vaca will be here before you know it!! We are thinking of a last minute vacation this month, but nothing on the calendar yet. With both boys starting preschool after Labor Day, we're running out of time!

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I think that as we all are getting closer and closer to the end of the 2nd trimester, beginning of the 3rd, the uncomfortableness is def. setting in for most lol. I had to get a step stool to get up into bed now... which is oh so much fun at 3 am when I am up to pee lol. But, rolling over is difficult, and painful, now Sad I personally need to get in in to see my chiropractor. I'm thinking that may help some of this pain and swelling in my legs... Other than that, its (jeopardy theme music playing) just sit back and enjoy the baby moving, bearing through the unpleasentries, and wait lol

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I am *only* 23 weeks and granted sometimes I try to do too much stuff, but I get so exhausted and my feet hurt. I recently have been walking around a fairly large block by my house and my tummy hurts by the time I get back and I am exhausted. Not good already.
I could vent a whole lot aboutstuff that is really getting to me lately but I don't think it is all me, if so I need a shrink. I do know what you mean and hope your vacation comes quickly. Don't worry about your dumb*** doctor that made a comment about 1 lb. I would just give her/ him a look and ignore that if they say anything again.

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It sucks because I HAVE to get up with DS and HAVE to go to work until 9pm. ugh! The other night I had a really bad day at work- and came home and it was constant nagging from Kevin- about cleaning, cooking, brody.. I think he has it pretty lucky that he comes home to a clean house and usually dinner waiting for him even when Im at work, and the one time I dont do it it's like nag-city!! And he kinda acts like hes joking.. but its really upsetting!! THEN at 9pm I come home, and collapse on the couch because I have to stand ALL DAY at work, so after taking care of DS all morning, rushing out for work, standing on my feet and being starving, i come home wanting to sit and he asks like 10 min after i get home "did you make my lunch?"....
hahha... if I had had energy to get up I prob shlda slapped him!! hahaha

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I definitely can relate - I just took two naps today. Blum 3

But we're in the home stretch now! Only a few more months, and all this pregnancy exhaustion will go away and we'll be bright and chipper again.

.... oh wait. Wink