Wishful Wednesday

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Wishful Wednesday

What are you wishing for right now? first thing that comes to mind

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for someone to come and pack the rest of my house, and take care of my kids, while I lay down. My left sinuses are killing me, and I am pretty sure that Wee dude is trying to grind his way out of my cervix and it hurts so bad right now. I just want to lay down and sleep till tomorrow and have all of this go away

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More energy!! My family needs so much more from me than I can give right now and I'm feeling frustrated with myself...

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Saw the title and thought, boy am I wishful that my child will put himself back down for a longer nap. lol. He just woke up screeching after just 30 minutes. Hoping it's one of those sleep cries he does. Sounds like it.

........and no noise! Whew. Crossing my fingers he's asleep.

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to stop vomitting. I'm so done with this puking stuff.

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My wish is also for tons of energy! I have to come back to work for a meeting this evening and I will be dragging!

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I was wishing for the energy to make dinner - but i did it, like a zombie! but i still did it! stuffed peppers are in the oven!

as vain and ridiculous as this sounds i am really wishing that the weight comes off easily, i know it won't all at once but i hope its at least in the forseeable future after i give birth! lol...
also wishing for more energy to go for my walks again.

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It's Thursday now but that Sam is doing well and adjusting well to the new NICU