Would like to introduce myself aftr being a lurker.....

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Would like to introduce myself aftr being a lurker.....

Hi there! I'm Heather-I am due w/ baby #3 on Black Friday. My husband Ryan and I have previously been blessed w/ 2 charming little men: Connor who is 7 and a half and Dominic who turned 3 last month.

A little about myself....we currently live in the Metro Detroit area but, are looking to move somtime this summer to somewhere a little more slowed down and I'm a stay at home Mom/in home daycare provider. I am very fortunate to hang with my little munchkins all day.

My due date is pretty significant because it was on Black Friday, 2010 when I had a pretty big surgery-there was a 2lb tumor removed along with my spleen and part of my pancreas. (We found out a few days later it was benign thank goodness but, it was scary nonetheless.) I had to skype into my family's Thanksgiving dinner from the hospital-looks like I could possibly be doing that again. It'll be nice to associate something positive with that time of the year. :o)

I look forward to getting to know all of you and cheering you on over the next few months.

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Congrats and welcome to Nov 2012!!

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Congrats and welcome!!!

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Congrats, I'm so glad that your hospital stay this November will be a happy experience! welcome!

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Congrats!! That'll be really nice to have something good to associate with that time of year! My grandmas husband died on halloween many years ago- so that day has always been very sad for her, and I'm due right around then so I'm hoping it'll bring a little bit of happy vibes to that day as well!

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Congrats, and welcome Smile

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Congrats and Welcome!!

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Congrats and welcome!

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Hi and welcome! :wavehello: I'm also due on Black Friday. Congrats!

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Thanks for all the congrats and the warm welcomes! Smile