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So my sister called me this morning and told me that she has some stuff for me!! She has maternity clothes, 0-3 mnths baby clothes, a walker, and a car seat/base for us!!! I am super excited as I was getting a bit nervous with not really having much for the baby clothes wise yet! Only 3 more months! I just cant believe that we are getting so close!

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Yay! That is awesome -so does my sister, my sister has tons of baby clothes (her baby just turned 5 months), she also has a baby swing and walker for me... my other niece, sister in laws daughter, is 7 years old so she said she also has some clothes for me Smile

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Yahoo I love donated stuff! We got most of DS's clothes by donation from my mom's coworker. It was such a relief for us! This poor little girl is going to wear so much of her brother's stuff with a skirt thrown on top. Lol

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I love sharing/ donated stuff! Yay!
I donated all of my dd clothes to my BIL/ SIL and if it is a girl we are getting all their girl clothes now plus or minus the one that needed to be dumped and the clothes that they added! I wish I knew someone that had maternity clothes though since this is our last.

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My sister's have set up a hand me down system. When DS2 and DD are done with a size, I take it to my middle sister's house (I'm the oldest of 3 girls)... then, my youngest sister goes over there and takes the stuff DD just out grew that will work for her DD, and the boy stuff stays at my middle sister's house for when her DS needs them. Then, once my youngest sister's daughter is done with clothes it goes back to my middle sister's house for her daughter. I just went to my middle sister's house a couple of weekends ago to get the preemie, new born, and 0-3 months that I will need right away for wee dude. Wow, just re read that, and it sounds confusing, but seriously, it all works out. We also have a set of crawling/toddler ish toys that kinda makes there way around like that, as well as swings, jumperoos, etc. Its way more economical to do things this way... and less stuff to keep ourselves Wink

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Yes handme downs are awesome!! Its not like they stay in the stuff for too long, and everything is really expensive now a days!! My DD had a used car seat and stroller and it was awesome too! It wasnt girly colors, but we just added things to it to make it more girlish for her! I have tons of clothes for when she hits about 18 mnths, but I dont have much for the really small stuff! Makes me mad that I gave some of it away and I know I will get nothing in return from some people! Guess it all goes with the territory!