Your ideal labor and delivery (lets dream a bit)

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Your ideal labor and delivery (lets dream a bit)

Thinking of your up coming arrival, what would you like to idealy happen? If you ould pick how it went, what would that look like?

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Ok, I have a couple of times that would be ideal to me. But, basically it would be after Dh got done with work any day between now and my induction. Otherwise, the day of my induction works out too.

So, on a day before my induction is scheduled:
Have my contractions gradually pick up during the day. Then, right around the time DH gets home have it become obvious that its time to go in... My water breaking, but my contractions being manageable in the van on our wauly to drop the kids off at my sister's and then to thw hospital. Get wheeled upstairs, do the nessesary admit stuff, tracing, find that I am infactvin active labor, then be able to get up and move around a bit as I see fit. Spend some time in their great
labor tubs. Then, around midnight or so, get my epidural and lay down and get sone sleep. Wake up with transition, and have a baby.

On the day of my induction:
Contractions get stronger through out the day, but to where I can still drive. Pick DS1 up from school, take the kids to my sisters, then go to the hospital. Get hooked up, to find that I am contracting regularly, and have made some progress on my, own. Have my doctor decide to wait on the pit to see what happens. Then, just after DH arrives, my water would break. I would be able to labor on my own a bit, in the tub, etc. Then, ariund midnight or so get the epidural, sleep a bit, wake up, have a baby. Get some more sleep after getting washed up.

Pretty basic, but what I would love to have happen. But, things tend to go as they go, and so I will just have to go with the flow Wink

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Ideally Ill go into labor at night while DS is asleep and DH is home. Labor will go quickly and I'll have a baby in my arms by sunrise. No driving in labor to a hospital an hour away. Blum 3

More likely I'll go into labor, scramble around to reach my SIL to get DS and DH to come home. Once SIL has gotten DS, DH and I will drive the hour to the city that I'll deliver in. At that point I'll make a judgement call to be admitted, to labor in a hotel room or park, or whatever we decide is best. I don't want to be admitted till I'm in very active labor - 8cm would be great! I don't want to be in the hospital longer than I need to be since it's not a comfortable environment for me and I don't want my fears to slow down labor (if I wasn't VBACing I'd be wanting a home birth or birth center birth). Zoe will be born naturally with me pushing when I want letting my body lead.

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Mine is pretty boring since I have to have a c-section.

Make it to my scheduled c-section date, call at 6 a.m. and be told to be at the hospital by 8. Make sure MIL has DS dropped off for kindergarten and DD is just hanging out. Get to the hospital, do all the paperwork, etc. and get in for my c-section by 10 a.m. Have everything go well and then be back in my room by 11 or 11:30. Hopefully do not get sick from the spinal medication! (this is a huge one for me because last time I had to yell to have someone take DD from me and then I got violently sick in front of my Mom, DH, Dad, MIL, FIL, and two SIL who were in my room at the time, very embarrassing).

Have a good hour to two with just DH and the baby before MIL shows up with the kids. Baby's sugars will be fine and he'll be able to room with me instead of having to go to NICU. Lot's of family bonding on Monday and then the Kids will go with SIL for a sleepover for the next three days and DH will be able to stay with me the whole time in the hospital. Then being released Thanksgiving morning and then over to MIL and FIL for a great dinner with family.

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Mine would be an at home waterbirth that is pain free thanks to the Hypnobabies and baby would come at a time where Kostas could be awake and present for the birth. Smile