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Zoe Adara

Zoe waited almost until the last minute, but she came!!! Zoe was born Tuesday at 4:56pm (41+6!). 7 lbs, 12.8 oz. 18 3/4".
It wasn't my most ideal labor and birth ever, but I made all decisions fully informed while still obtaining my ultimate goal of a natural VBAC. I DID IT!!! We're both doing fantastic and were released after 24 hours. Zoe is nursing very well!
I'll share my birth story once I'm able to write it.

I'm a horrible birth buddy and never contacted mine. Sorry Claire! Sad

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She is gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!! Glad you got your VBAC!!

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yay Smile and congrats. Cant wait to read all about it Smile She is adorable

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Congrats again on your beautiful baby and VBAC!

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Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so happy for you that you had your VBAC!!! and the both of you look beautiful in your pictures! i love her name, it's sooo pretty!

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:lurk: I love her outfit, so cute!

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Congratulations on everything! You rock mama! She is gorgeous!!

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Thanks y'all! Smile

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Way to go on your VBAC! Congrats and WTTW Zoe! She is beautiful!