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I lost my last pregnancy at exactly 9 weeks. I went in for a routine appointment and she had no heartbeat (she had Turner's syndrome). So yesterday I was crazy nervous for my appointment, but everything went awesome. The ultrasound tech was amazing. She let me look at this little one for a long time and she even turned on the 3d. It was crazy! I could see the baby so well and he/she looked perfect. Perfect measurements and perfect heartbeat. Best of all, my RE said that she would put my chances of a loss at this point at only 5%. Considering I started out around 50%, that is the best news ever!!! I'm finally starting to get excited about this baby!

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Oh what good news for this pregnancy. HH9M!!!!

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That's fantastic news! How awesome of the u/s tech to let you check out babe in 3d!

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That is awesome!! So happy for you!!!

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That is awesomeness!! It sounds like you had a great tech! What a wonderful appt!

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That's great news!! Congrats!

I'm glad you got to see your LO.