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Today I got to go in and fill out paperwork and do bloodwork. 8 vials of blood. Yay.

Friday morning they're suppose to call me to make my first appt but it's most likely just an appt going over paperwork where they will then make an appt for my first u/s which is the dating u/s to find out how far along I am.
Hopefully I can get an appt for next week because I wanna get an appt for my dating u/s ha ha. I'm just paranoid I'm further along than what I think I am.

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I'm having that feeling too that I may be further along. But I had AF the end of January, so... I don't know. KUP Smile

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Why are you worried you are further than you were originally thinking. Did you get any info from your blood work?

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I didn't get any info on my bloodwork other than it came back good ha ha.

But I worry because of how fast and dark my BFPs were. And because I can't remember if Feb was a normal period or not.

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I got a really fast and dark BFP at 13DPO. I know for sure when I ovulated because I was being monitored. So, fast and dark doesn't always mean that you're very far along. But it will be nice to know for sure. I hope you can schedule your ultrasound soon!