Bloodwork Results

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Bloodwork Results

I got my bloodwork results and my HCG was great at 14000. I think I may be 6 weeks tomorrow, so I'm really happy with that number. The doctor wanted my progesterone to be a bit higher because it's at 14.3 so he started me on prometrium 1x/day. I wonder if I am someone who has naturally low progesterone b/c I have super irregular periods (which is why I really don't know how far along I am) and usually only have about 6/year. I love, love, love my doctor and he is the one that called me with my results and then that talked to me to set up my next appt. He likes to see you early just to make sure he can talk to you if you have any questions or anything so I have a long appt. coming up on April 10th (should be 7.5 weeks) for an ultrasound, lab work and to meet with him. He said that he's "getting really excited" for me so I'm hoping that everything goes well!

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Sounds fantastic! Yay for an early u/s

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That's great!

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Excellent news!!