Body aches

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Body aches

Yesterday my legs were so sore it hurt to lift things (my son). Today it's my feet. WTH? I'm not sure if it's pregnancy related or not, but wondering if anyone has experienced this before? This is my 5th pregnancy (I've had one m/c) and I've never had something like this. The only time I was in a lot a lot a lot of pain was right before my m/c when I had such bad migraines I couldn't see well or stand for long periods of time and nothing helped me.

I remember bad headaches with my son, and those are back ugh ha ha.

Although the good thing about today - it's my youngest's first birthday! My husband got to call today and he said he's on board with the idea of #4 and that our sanity may not be able to handle it (ha ha) but we'd find a way to make it work financially

(He just needed time to let it sink in)

I'm just not looking forward to being pregnant here in the summer (where it gets up to 120) Ha ha.

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Yes!!! My legs are so achey!! Hope it passes for both of us soon!!!

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Isn't restless leg common in pregnancy? hopefully it passes quickly!