Could it possibly get more confusing

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Could it possibly get more confusing

So long story short... My blood test was negative at 8 dpo after a positive at home pregnancy test. Then At 10 dpo I get a darker line and a "pregnant" on the Clearblue digi. After arguing with the gyn office they agree to do another beta on Tuesday if I havent seen AF. So now I sit and wait. I am taking the progesterone gel for now though since my level was 3.2. I just cant understanf how I could have a negative blood test then a pregnant on a digi two days later. So I may or may not be stickig around. I could use positve thoughts if you could send them my way. Thanks for being there everyone.

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8 dpo is super early, must be the blood test didn't pick it up... (my hcg at 15dpo was only 65...)

That's great that you are still in the running though! Smile

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Oh, I'm sorry you're going to be in limbo all weekend, I'm sure thats rough, but I hope this works out for you!! I'll be thinking of you!!

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Thank you.

Susan, the psychiatrist took me off of Lithium which is known to caise heart defects and abnormalities. I am still on two antideppresants because of how depressed I got during the two losses and this possible loss. He is afraid to take me off of them. He believes the benifits outweigh the risks and that studies indicated a low chance of heart defects. It still scares me though.

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*hugs* I hope you get a solid answer soon. I wonder if the blood test was just too early (even though you have a short LP). Here's hoping AF doesn't show!

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I hope you get great results on Tues. I know it's hard but as a mom if 2 myself and having been LIH 3 years and TTC 1 year, I understand the struggle and I hope you are at peace with whatever happens. I love my girls and am trying to focus on what I have rather than what I don't have. I know sometimes a positive attitude can make all the difference with how you feel in life and certainly TTC is stressful, which is also a roadblock in TTCing.... I know I want another child but if my girls are all I get, I am going to try and be at peace with that. Good luck & God Bless