Dating ultrasound today

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Dating ultrasound today

I had my appt today and had a dating ultrasound. The tech (and my OB- he stays with me for most of the appt.) found the heartbeat right away so now it feels so much more real! I'm measuring at 7 weeks 1 day, which is really close to what I thought I was (in fact, it actually makes more sense) so my due date is now Nov. 26th. They said that everything looks good. I also got labs drawn, met with the nurse and then with the doctor. Overall, it was a really good appt. and iit was so nice to be able to see the heartbeat!

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Sounds like a great appt! glad he found the HB right away. That's always such a wonderful noise!!

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:lurk: What a great appointment. I looove hearing the heartbeat! My OB doesn't listen to the heartbeat for the first trimester. He might this time around but IDK. He looks for it on the ultrasound and it shows the bpm so i guess that's ok. Congrats on the awesome appt.

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Congrats on the great appt!!! So excited for you!! Smile

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Yay for a great appt!!!

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Congrats! We're due date buddies!!!

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Congrats on a great appointment!

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Did you get a picture of the ultrasound? If you did you should post it. I love seeing all the u/s photos!

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I'm so glad you had a good appt. I know how good it is to hear that heartbeat!