Had my u/s

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Had my u/s

Sorry I haven't updated or been on, it's been a real busy week for me.

I had my dating u/s last week. I am exactly 11 weeks today (or according to the u/s 11 weeks, 4 or 5 days. They're going to stick with my original due date which is 11/12/13. The OB thought that was really cool ha ha.

Baby looked great and was twisting and dancing for us. Melted my heart

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That's wonderful! Congrats! And that is a super cool due date Smile

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Glad you had a great US! That is a fun due date! Both my boys were born on the 12th and I usually go a little early, so I always said it'd be fun if this one was also born on the 12th and didn't even think that it would be 11-12-13! Yay for good appointments Smile

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So glad all is well with baby!!! That's a really cool date!!