Have you told?

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Have you told?

We haven't said a word yet!! I feel like it's our little secret. I'm also thinking about not finding out the gender. I might tell my mom over Easter weekend, but... It's not that I'm scared, it's just... I know I'll probably get the "wow you are crazy to have 4 right back to back!" type comments. Honestly, I do feel a little crazy and a little overwhelmed, and trying to wrap my mind around it all.

So have you told? And if not, when do you plan on spilling the beans?

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No haha. I've announced it here, and a few people in a group and a few diaper makes (we cloth diaper so I'm seeing if they could add more snaps to make the diaper smaller ha ha). Other than that, only my husband knows. And we're not going to say anything until at least 12-15 weeks, esp since it was a surprise and he just deployed so I don't wanna hear the "You only got pregnant because he was going to deploy" thing. Or asking why we weren't using protection (any BC messed with my supply and the Paragard I was gonna get I kept getting told the wrong info by my dr.) And I'm not looking forward to people talking haha.
So I'll stay quiet for a few more weeks. Smile

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We aren't saying a word til about 8 weeks (I've never made it past). With my pregnancy history I'd rather keep it a secret for awhile and then tell then have to tell them that we m/c or it was another ectopic. But for my sanity I will continue to test once a day and drive DH crazy Smile

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I've told close friends and family only because of circumstances (having the mirena, risks, etc). It won't be public knowledge for a while!

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I've told my mom and a few close friends. When I miscarried a few years ago, I thought one of the hardest things was that I hadn't told anyone so nobody knew what I was going though. Since then, I tell anyone that I would tell if something were to go wrong. The big person that my husband and I are trying hard not to say anything in front of is our 4 year old! He really, really wants me to have another baby and is going to be so excited, but I'm hoping to be able to wait until my 2nd trimester to tell him because I feel like that's a big secret for a little kid!

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We found out today and told immediate family today. We have always told early so this time was no different. Going to tell my closest friends probably tomorrow.

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No, we'll be waiting a while. Untelling people is my least favorite thing ever. My mom knows but only because I've needed help. We'll probably tell close family after the first trimester screening if all looks good, but I'll wait as long as possible to tell everyone else.