Have you told your kids?

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Have you told your kids?

For those of you who have other kids (which I think may be almost all of us), have you told your other kids yet? If so, any cute ways that you told them or do you have any good ideas on how you will tell them? I haven't told mine yet and am hoping to wait until May 15th after my next appt (I'd be 12.5 weeks), as long as I can hide my baby bump that long!! Drew is going to be sooooo excited! Just yesterday, he was telling me that I needed to have another baby b/c he wants a sister. I explained even if I have another baby, it may be a brother and God will decide. His response was "I hope God thinks like I do, b/c this family needs more pretty people!" Apparently, I'm the only pretty one in the family and he thinks I'm too outnumbered by boys;) He said he'd be fine with a boy though, he just wants another baby!
Anyways, I was thinking I would just show them the US pic, but maybe I'll come up with something more creative! Any ideas?

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I was just wondering how to tell my oldest. My 3 year old was there for the u/s but she doesn't really understand ha ha. My son won't know until it really happens. But my oldest is 7 1/2 so she will understand. I told my mom last night and told her I hadn't told DD1 yet.

I was thinking I would probably show her the u/s and tell her she's going to be a big sister again. I kind of fear how she'll take it since off and on she seems to get annoyed about having younger siblings haha.


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My kids know. I had to explain all the puking Smile I didn't do anything creative to tell them, but we might do something for gender reveal. I was thinking of doing balloons with pink/blue glitter inside or giving them a boy or girl outfit. It will depend on when the doctor calls and what I have time to do that day.

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**lurker from dec2013**. We told our dd, but she's only 21 months old so she doesn't get it, but when we ask her where the baby is she points to my belly- tonight DH asked her and she pointed to his belly.... Lol.

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I'm avoiding telling the kids. First of all, we're not telling our parents/family until we know the gender, and second of all, I don't want all the "are we there yet?" questions. LOL!

DS1 doesn't want a sister. He says he doesn't like girl toys Wink To DS2 (3 years old), every baby is a girl. He wouldn't care either way. Hoping for a girl here. I've had 2 gender dreams so far. First was a boy, second (which was last night) it was a girl.

Jules, where about in IL are you from?

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We plan on telling most people after our next appointment in a week. I'll be 11 weeks and I just want to hear the heartbeat again before I announce. We'll probably tell our daughter (3) at that time, or wait until the appointment I have 2 weeks later. I just don't want her to hear it from someone else first.

I've told select people, family (none live nearby) and people I have obligations with (work, and volunteer organization I have a heavy commitment to). But no one that would accidentally spill the beans to my daughter. I think she'll understand, she sees the siblings and new babies come through at her smallish daycare and talks about babies a lot. She knows she started in my tummy and actually has been asking a lot of questions about her as a baby that she may be picking up on some of the thing her dad and I have talked about around her.