How is everyone?

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How is everyone?

Has anyone felt baby move? I'm convinced I have a few times and with this being #4 my OB said there's good reason to believe it really was baby. I dunno if it is or just wishful thinking ha ha.

How is everyone doing so far?

My morning sickness is gone for the most part but I feel like I'm always starving! I also feel HUGE! I'll post a 12 week picture and a 13 1/2 week one (my husband wanted me to send a really recent belly picture and he asked about a week after I took my 12 week so I did another). There's a major difference!

Other than that I'm just really tired. Although my 3 year old has to sleep in bed with me and my 1 year old has been waking up a lot (but not fully awake) wanting to use me as a pacifier) so I don't sleep much!

Here are my pictures. Sorry if they're huge, I have no idea how to shrink them!

12 weeks

13 1/2 weeks

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Your belly is adorable!! I am convinced I have felt this baby move, but I know everything I read say it's way too early. I'm not sure what else I would be feeling really feels like the baby!
I am feeling good overall. I feel like my nausea is almost gone, just mostly when I'm tired at night. I sometimes get it too if I didn't eat enough for a meal or something, but it's now at a point where I can make it better by eating something. I'm still tired in the afternoon, but my fatigue doesn't seem as bad as the last 2 pregnancies. Part of that could be that my boys sleep way better now than my oldest did with the last pregnancy and with the first, I just don't think you know what tired really is until you have kids Wink
I also am definitely getting a bump! I will be so happy Wed if everything goes well with this ultrasound so I dont' have to work so hard to hide it! I'm running out of loose, baggy shirts!

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No moving, but I'm huge. I'm not the skinniest girl, so any bloat or baby looks even further along than I am. (And you won't be seeing any bare belly shots from me, all through a shirt Smile I'm not pushing out or anything but here was Thursday at 11w2d. And I know it's not all fat because it's round and not lumpy.

I'm straight up in maternity pants now.

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I feel like I'm carrying low this time. I think I look it too haha.

I love belly pics