How soon is too soon...

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How soon is too soon...

To feel movement? I keep telling myself it's just gas bubbles but it's always in the same spot and after 3 babies, I'll be doggone if it's not early flutters!

Call me crazy, but.... Lol. It sure feels like it!!

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I know when I was pregnant with Desmond I swore I felt flutters a little into the 2nd trimester. And I'm so convinced they were little kicks because I was very still and they were right where he always laid.

With this one, off and on I swear I feel something, but then again I've felt the phantom kicks since after I gave birth lol. So I don't think mine are actual kicks Smile

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I've felt twitches occasionally. Though, I really don't think that the arms and legs were actually long enough for it to be baby, though. So I'm just assuming that it was a twitch in my uterus, like how my eye twitches occasionally.

With my first, I didn't feel him until 18 weeks. My second I felt at 15 weeks. The dr. didn't believe me, but I KNEW exactly what it was from the moment I felt it.

And yes, Katie, I've had those big rolling "kicks" since my last one was born Wink lol

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How far along are you? I was 12 week yesterday and I could swear I felt the baby last night. We were driving in the car and I felt it 3 or 4 times in the same place, down really low. By the 2nd time I started paying attention. Maybe I'm just crazy too, but I'm right there with you.

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:lurk: I felt DS2 at 12 weeks....

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Okay I swear the other day I felt movement ha ha. I'm 11 weeks today so I know it's early, but you never know!!