Joining In!(Update--m/c mentioned)

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Joining In!(Update--m/c mentioned)

UPDATE--- My betas did not double--just went up a few points so it looks like this is a chemical pregnancy. Good luck to all you ladies!

Hi ladies! I was pretty active on these boards a few months ago but needed a break to de-stress. I finally got a BFP yesterday after 14 cycles of TTC baby #2! I started to see an RE in January, had an HSG done which was all clear, tons of blood work and was diagnosed with low ovarian reserve. My next cycle was to set up for clomid and trigger shot--I have all my meds and was waiting for AF to show. I didn't temp this cycle, no OPKs and it happened on its own!

My due date looks like Nov 1st based on my LMP, but it could be earlier or later since I really have no idea when I ovulated. I go for my first blood test on Monday to make sure my numbers look good. Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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Hi Katey! It looks like you and I are sharing a due date. How fun!

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Congrats. Hope your draw on Monday goes smoothly.

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How exciting!!! Congrats to you!

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Congrats! So happy to hear!!

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I just noticed your update Sad I'm sorry to hear your betas didn't double. Been there and it sucks. Hugs to you.

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So sorry, Katey. Hugs.

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So sorry to you honey. After all that time of waiting, this is totally unfair. Sad

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So sorry to hear that. Wish you the best!