Lost my third in a row and done

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Lost my third in a row and done

I had my 7dpo test and progesterone was 3.2. I had implantation dip at 6dpo and a positive test at 8dpo.. Then at 9dpo the test was super light. Almost not there. I used the progesterone gel once at 8dpo. Waiting for my beta test results to confirm what I already know. I am wondering when AF will arrive though. I am 10 dpo now. My cervix is still high. My usually lp is 8days. I really just want AF to arrive so this heartache can lessen a little if it will at all. We are do ttc. Dh got a vasectomy two days ago. After the two losses he felt it wasn't met to be. That if we pushed it worse things then what we went through with our other two children would happen. He felt it was a chromosome abnormality. I felt it was progesterone deficiency. I should have gone with my gut and started the gel sooner. I feel like this is all my fault.

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I didn't mention that another reason for the vasectomy is that I am back on my meds for bipolar disorder and that is not good for a fetus if I ever even made it that far.

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I'm sorry about your loss and hope that you get peace with it all as soon as you can. Early losses suck so badly, everyone keeps telling me it wasn't really a baby, but it was. I think I just had my third in a row as well.

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I'm so sorry. *hugs*

I think I'm in a similar boat. I had a light positive on 8DPO (IC) and negative on a FRER on 9DPO. I'm not going to test for another few days though. I've had 3 chemicals in 6 years and I'm slowly getting to the point of wanting to quit. DH and I discussed adoption for the first time last night which was new though.

I wish you all the best!

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I'm so sorry hun. That's so devastating. I wish I could say something that will help. Just please, please don't blame yourself. I hope you are seeing a counselor for your disorder that can talk this over with you. I think you really need the support right now. And of course we are here for you! Big hugs to you honey!

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I am so sorry. I hope you are able to find peace with this, I know how hard it can be. We've had multiple losses too and now not conceiving. I'm pretty much at the point of being done too.

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I'm so sorry. You'll be in my prayers. Hugs.