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Thread: Low Progesterone

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    Default Low Progesterone

    So, I found out a couple days ago that my progesterone is still lower than it should be at 17. It was at 14 a couple weeks ago so I started taking prometrium orally 1x/day and now the doctor has me taking 2 a day. I guess he would like it at least above 20. I'm wondering if I am someone who always has low progesterone and that's why I have such irregular cycles, but I don't really know or have any experience with this with my other pregnancies. I feel good b/c we saw the heartbeat and everything looked good (and I definitely have pregnancy symptoms), but it definitely makes me a little nervous. My HCG levels have been really good. Does anyone have experience or know anything about having low progesterone??

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    i had low progesterone in the beginning of this pregnancy and had to take suppositories. They really did the trick but i wish i could have been on a pill instead. i hope it is no big deal and everything goes smoothly for you. 17 isn't that that low anyway
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    I had low progesterone with my first pregnancy and then took the supplements with DS also. It's great that your dr has you on them to help raise it. Yours are borderline so I wouldn't worry too much. Some drs don't put you on supplements with a level of 17. And if you upped your dose then you will prob see an increase in your progesterone. Mine were suppositories so they were different than the oral ones... It's great that you have had great hcg numbers and you saw the HB!

    So excited for you friend!!
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    Thanks ladies! I had another appt. today and we just took a quick peak and saw the heartbeat and baby is growing well so that is reassuring. He said he is not that concerned about the progesterone b/c it is close to 20 and he thinks that by taking a pill in the am and evening, I should be good so I'm just hoping he's right!


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