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Lurking & Not Sure Yet

HI!! My name is Jennifer. I'm 29 and married to dh, William for (in March) 7 years. We have 2 beautiful children, Kyla(11.22.06) and Chasen(11.23.08). I am currently a nursing student so now is NOT the time to have a baby but since we uh-oh'ed 2x during my fertile week, I won't be surprised if I am pg. I have been soo tired, hungry, smelling odors & it makes me nauseous, nauseated for no reason off & on, horrible indigestion for the past two days and was cramping yesterday. AF is due tomorrow & I am not getting any of the normal af symptoms I get. So I will test tomorrow & see what I get! I go back & forth between being hopeful and terrified. I am in the end of my OB rotation right now and seeing babies being born & caring for them has made me feel confident & excited to have another but on the other hand, we are on one income while I'm in school & money is tight and I don't know how we are going to afford a 3rd baby. Also I don't think our family will be very thrilled about us having another since I have had 2 horrible past pg. I had severe hypermesis with both, severe pre-eclampsia with my daughter and almost died and my son was born with 2 true knots in his cord. So..there is my life story in a nutshell.:-)
We will see what happens in the morning.

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Good luck! I hope whatever happens is absolutely perfect Smile

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Good luck! Sharing the roller coaster of emotions! Hoping all is well with you and your family!

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Good luck! I had my DD in the middle of law school. It was scary but it all worked out.'s picture
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Nice to meet you Jennifer! I understand your dilemma.

I was in a 2 yr nursing program when I had my first. I ended up having to take a semester off bc he was due smack dab in the middle of it, and as I'm sure you understand, missing more than I think 4 classes is more than my state allows. THEN I wound up pregnant again in my last semester. Fortunately, he wasn't due til months after graduation. Then 2 weeks before the class ended I literally started pouring blood while I was on the floor in clinical. I immed went to the ER and was relieved that he was ok, but it was a "threatened mis" so I was on bed rest. Bc I had been absent one day that should have put me over the limit, but my teacher, who was pregnant herself, cut me a break and allowed me to come in and sit and do my final eval and marked me down for the day. I don't know what I would have done f se hadn't helped me out like that.

Anyway, all that to say, I understand. And it sucks. Im sure you'll get thru one way or another. Hopefully on time and without a hitch. But if it takes longer than you expected, or doesn't go exactly as you planned, that's ok too. Good luck sweetheart. I hope whatever your result is, you're happy Smile

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Thank you all! I am going to test tomorrow am with FMU..I calculated & I should be 4 weeks & 4days tomorrow so I am hoping that if I am pg it will show up by now!! WIsh me luck! I guess I am starting to lean towards hoping it's positive now:-)