Measuring Big????

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Measuring Big????


Curious if anyone has had the issue of measuring big during pregnancy and what the reason was?

I just had my 27 week dr appt. and my little baby is measuring at 32 weeks. Can't have due date wrong since we did IVF.

Dr wants to do ultrasound in two weeks but now I'm starting to get nervous that there is something wrong.

Anyone with same issue? Sad

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With my 2nd and 3rd I measured bigger. My 2nd I got 3 different due dates (kept moving them up because of how I was measuring), and she was still born before those ha ha. My son was measuring about a week a head.

There can be a bunch of different reasons to measure bigger. Twins (how cool would that be?!?!), more fluid, baby growing just a little bigger, etc. I honestly wouldn't worry too much about it until your appt. KUP on your next appt though. And hey, you get to see your LO again Smile