Met with a midwife last night

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Met with a midwife last night

I am just blown away by the difference between OBs and midwives. She sat with us at the dinner table while the children ate, answered their questions, ours, and just chatted like we were old friends. My first 2 were c/s and then I had a vba2c with my last, so she isn't worried about them only being 18 months apart. She's got a good backup doctor, and even a hospital where she can provide care if for some reason we would end up needing to be there. She will come to my house for all my appointments, which is AWESOME! And she was great at getting DH to open up and chat about his feelings surrounding our previous births. He is still so proud that he got to catch our youngest. It's really sweet and amazing how catching his baby changes a man.

I'm really excited. The fee is $3600 which we don't have right now and will be paying out of pocket, but I know it will be totally worth it. She brings meds (like for bleeding), IVs, etc. She would like me to get a dating ultrasound, which I am ok with as long as I'm not put on a 40 week time table. I had DS at 42 weeks and DD2 at 42+6, but she assured me that wouldn't be a problem and that if I go that far again, we will just do biophysical profiles to make sure everything is ok. That's what we did with DD2 as well, and I totally agree.

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That's awesome!!! She sounds great!! I wish I could do a vbac but I'm too high risk because I had preeclampsia with all 3 and the last two were preterm. I'm so excited for you!!

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That sounds awesome! I wonder how my DH would feel catching our next one Smile Or if Naval would allow it haha.

She sounds incredible though.