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Who has felt movement?

I have! I felt a lot of it tonight too I was using the doppler to find the HB and I made #4 mad and he/she kicked/punched really hard ha ha. I actually saw my belly move! This one was not having it tonight and didn't wanna sit still for me to find the HB. T4 kept moving and turning. It was crazy feeling it.

Anyone else feeling flutters or kicks?

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I was hesitant to believe what I was feeling was real movement til the latest ultrasounds. Plus I didn't feel my daughter til like 20 weeks. But now I think I've been feeling flutters.

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I definitely think I've been feeling flutters! I know I'm only 14 weeks, but I swear I've felt them for a couple weeks and when at my last ultrasound, I felt what I had been feeling and could see the baby really moving on the monitor! It's such an awesome feeling!!