My appt today

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My appt today

I went to the doctor today and everything looks good. I think today was definitely a turning point in accepting everything and starting to realize that I will soon be a mom of 4! At least I know everything is in the right place! The baby is measuring 7 weeks 6 days, which is surprisingly right on with my lmp date. With all 3 kids I ovulated very late in my cycle and was always at least a week behind my lmp date so this is new. Plus at the last appt 2 weeks ago the sac only measured 4 weeks. We heard the heart beat, which was 154. My official edd is 11/15. Maternal fetal will follow the pregnancy closely. My doctor doesn't want to do an x-ray unless absolutely necessary and says unless I have pain or fevers or signs of infection that they'll just monitor me and look for it after delivery.

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Sounds like a great appt! Glad you got to hear the HB and see the LO Smile

It still hasn't hit me I'm expecting #4 yet. Maybe at my u/s it will ha ha.

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I think seeing the heart beat definitely made things sink in a bit more!! Still in shock though!!

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So glad everything's looking great! I think if things go well at my appt. Wednesday, it will start to sink in a little more for me too! That's awesome that you heard the heartbeat!

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So glad everything looks good and babe is doing well :)! Hopefully you won't have any symptoms and everything is smooth from here

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I'm glad to hear everything is looking good!

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:lurk: glad to hear your appt went well! Smile