New here - some questions - cravings :)

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New here - some questions - cravings :)

Hi Everyone. My name is Amber. I am 35 yrs old. I am pregnant with my 3rd baby. Its been a rough road but, I am GREATFUL that our baby is doing great and things are going well. I have some questions regarding FOOD. I have days where im ravenous HUNGRY and other days where I am nausea and don't eat as much but, I make sure I do eat healthy... I do crave the junk at times. Right now my cravings consist of = Doritos
mozzarella sticks(the fried kind)
one occasion M&M's the peanut kind
FROOT LOOPS - my goodness my mouth is drooling...
chocolate milk - I buy the trumoo haven't had chocolate milk since ive been pregnant - when I drank it before I would do 2oz of chocolate milk and the rest milk this way I don't get all the chocolate which is the better alternative.

I have not indulged in all of these... As I want to eat healthy.. Sometimes I crave BEEF but, nothing else makes me sick to look at. I did call my OB's office and talked with a nurse she said - that everything in moderation. She said I can do froot loops and then do a healthy cereal to follow. A lot of these they want us to limit due to the sugar content, fat content, and the empty calories... What was said that is UNSAFE is - sushi, fish due to mercury, lunch meat, unpasteurized milk, cheese - My doctor said to contact liseriosis is slim but, it can be harmful so they say to stay away from it....Have any of you ladies indulged in any of the above.. I did have doritos lastnight - It was so GOOD...

Tell me what u guys eat.. I hate being stressed about eating - I want to eat and be okay..

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I cant forget Chinese food - have no indulged in that yet. Like pork fried rice or general tso's chicken.. HAve any of u had Chinese Smile

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My theory is stay away from the no-nos (the dangerous things like mercury, raw food, lunch meat, unpasteurized cheeses, which are rare in the US anyway), but if I want a milkshake, I'm going to have a milkshake.

I'm trying to eat salads and healthy options regularly, and don't beat myself up over indulging a craving. Sounds like your nurse is smart, have the froot loops, just don't eat a box a day.

I'm heavier, and have more restrictions on the amount of weight I'm supposed to gain. So I have to try a little harder to make good choices. I never really restricted myself much with my first daughter and I only gained about 25 pounds because I just let myself have a little bit of whatever I wanted and was satisfied.

I always lose 10 pounds the first trimester anyway. So at this point if I can actually stomach food, I eat it, no matter what it is (as long as it is safe).

ETA: TL~DR don't stress over this, it's not worth it. If you want some damn Chinese food, eat the damn Chinese food.

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Congrats on your pregnancy Amber! I definitely agree to stay away from the no-no foods, but indulging in a craving every once in a while is no biggie! I think as long as you eat healthy for the most part, it's not a big deal to eat some unhealthy things in moderation. I would so agree that if you want Chinese, eat Chinese!! Not every night, but once should be fine! I would definitely try not to stress too much over eating something you are craving as long as you are also healthy and exercising. I haven't really had many cravings yet b/c I've just recently felt like eating at all!

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With my pregnancy so far its been a rough road! At 4 to 5 weeks pregnant was diagnosed with 1 subchorionic hemmorage it was fairly small. The other was discovered a couple weeks later. I was put on rest, no intimacy, no Orgasms, no lifting. I was told the SCH's don't just appear. Doing readings and being on baby center (which let me add some ignorant mean women) so, glad I found you group of gals. I read that the vessels are there but the SCH was small to detect...My U/S at 12 weeks I seen the baby on a TV screen and the U/S tech explained EVERYTHING...I seen the baby bouncing and moving A LOT - she said you have a mover She said the baby looked GREAT!!!! and no sign of the SCH - which is comforting but, also the vessels can still be active I believe the bed rest helped a lot and keeping hydrated - it gave my body the chance to heal up the active hemmorages. Im so greatful to be pregnant. I am 15wks today and just taking it day to day and loving every minute of it...I feel little things down there not all the time...WE have 4 girls between me and my fianc?. I have 2 daughters ages 16 yrs and 11yrs. The 11 yr old lives with her dad by her choice as she does except my fianc?s twin daughters. We got custody of Brians daughters in December. Just want a continued healthy pregnancy an a healthy baby the sex of the baby does not matter but, thinking blue!!!!!!! The only thing I have is a low lying placenta but was told as the baby grows the placenta will move.....
You ladies are so sweet here... The baby center board when I asked some questions about food a few times as I couldn't find the threads I just reposted I was called a mental case, I need I am just greatful I found u gals...

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I crave french fries. Ugh. It's bad. Lol. With my son I craved the skin off McDonald's chicken nuggets lol. I would eat like 20 of those a day. Until I finally got sick of them.

I've been eating a lot of honey nut cheerios. I usually get really hungry at night and early morning. I try to snack during the day but sometimes I just get busy with my other kids hah. My OB said the eat healthy snacks like granola and stuff.

Pineapple sounds awesome right now haha.

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I agree, indulge sometimes! I always try to make sure most of my calories are coming from healthy food, but when I want something, I eat it!