Not my month :(

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Not my month :(

Hey ladies!

AF showed this morning Sad I started to have some cramping yesterday and I knew she was on her way. I was a little upset last night, but somehow when she showed this morning I was much better. I think it will be for the best. Bc I got some good news about a job I've been wanting!!

I'm an RN and I've been working per diem over the last 3 years, doing three (or more) consecutive 12hr overnight shifts every week and I hate it. The schedule has affected my life in so many ways and I just can't do it much longer. But Bc of finances, I really had no choice.

Anyway, I finally got my dream job, but it was going to be just per diem, covering shifts as needed, so I was going to have to work both jobs. But I found out today that I will most likely be able to go full time or at least part time after my orientation, because the facility is growing. It's a daycare for medically fragile children and children that are technology dependent. So it's only open Monday-Friday 8-5, no holidays. And the shifts are 10 hours, so part-time or full-time, I'll still have weekends plus at least one weekday at home with the kids. And it's a little more money, which is great, even though I would work for less to get the schedule I want.

Sorry for he super long post, I'm just so crazy excited. I've been wanting this for a long time. I feel like I paid my dues nd its finally paid off Smile

On the TTC front, we had already decided to take a break if this wasn't our month, to avoid a December or January due date. So that's the plan. And if i haven't officially gotten the transfer to part-time or full-time, we might wait an extra month, just so a pregnancy doesn't jeopardize my chances. But we'll see, I'll probably be too anxious to keep waiting by then Smile

I'll be lurking. Hope you lovely ladies get your BFPs before I'm back to TTC in May or so. Baby dust!!

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Thanks Jess, gl when you're ready~ Grats on job!

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Awesome news about the job! Things have a way of working out sometimes. Good luck when you get back too it!

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Congrats on the new job!