November, November (new to this month) **prior loss mentioned**

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November, November (new to this month) **prior loss mentioned**

So I thought I was going to get all settled in October last month, but it wasn't meant to be. Lost at 5 weeks, assuming it was a chemical pregnancy since there was nothing on the ultrasound.

I took a month off from boards and most everything, but got one BD in, thinking it was too late, a couple days after EWCM, I wasn't temping.

Imagine my surprise when I looked at a calendar, and even with the loss I figured I should have had AF by now so I took a test and was pregnant.

6 months of trying, 1 miscarriage/chem pregnancy, and I'm pregnant the very next cycle.

I'm much more optimistic this cycle. My tests are dark, dark, dark. The FRERs test lines are darker than the control lines. The ICs are very strong. I knew last month things were failing when the tests got lighter and lighter.

I have an appt on April 2nd for dating since they are a bit confused as to my dates since I didn't have a regular period. I'm pretty confident that will be 6 weeks and my due date is 11/26 (two days before Thanksgiving) because based on counting the first date of bleeding as a first day of period AND the day we DTD the same due date is calculated.

Sorry for the long ramble, glad to join you ladies and hope I get to stay here.

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Congrats!!! Welcome to November!!!!

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Congrats!! What an exciting suprise!!

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Congrats and welcome!

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Congrats and welcome! Wishing you a hh9m!

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:lurk: Congrats! That's exactly what happened to me, chemical last August and then I was pregnant in September and everything is going great so far. I hope it's the same for you Smile