Oh Nausea and tiredness...

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Oh Nausea and tiredness...

Bleck I've been nauseous off and on all day. This sucks, I was NOT looking forward to that part ha ha.

So far, this pregnancy is following the footsteps of my son's, so maybe I will have another boy! My girls' pregnancies were so easy ha ha.

I've also been exhausted, but haven't decided if that's because I'm still catching up on sleep from a few days/nights ago or pregnancy (or both!!) DH deployed really early in the morning a few days ago (like 1 AM early) and I only got 4 hours of sleep that night, plus DS isn't sleeping through the night yet (not even close) and DD2 has been climbing into bed at night with me because she can't stop coughing (we've been having really bad sicknesses going around the base).

Anyone else experiencing nausea or tiredness?

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Omg ME and BOTH!! One thing that has been helping the nausea soooo much is peppermint essential oil. I put a drop in my hand and cup it and inhale deeply. It works immediately. I've even been carrying a small vial on my key chain. No cure for the tiredness though. We just got to Ft. Campbell in January and I was positive DH was going to deploy since he's been home 18 months, but doesn't look like anytime soon. I have a feeling you have many tired days ahead of you unfortunately. But you can do it!

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Me! I've been sick for 2 weeks now. Zofran helps but it's still pretty bad.

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Yes!! I'm sitting here trying not to vomit right now!! It's also really early for me so I hope this isn't an indication of how the next several months will be!!

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I have 3 boys and have been sick the entire pregnancy with both. Thankfully my doc is comf with me taking meds b/c w/o them I throw up all day blech. Just started getting nauseous sat. Hoping it doesn't get bad till closer to 8 weeks. I am always tired lol so I haven't noticed a difference :).