"Pregnancy Symptoms" For kicks and giggles. :)

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"Pregnancy Symptoms" For kicks and giggles. :)

So while we're all waiting on our BFP's. Name your "pregnancy symptoms"! I put these in quotes because it seems like every month I have some sort of pregnancy symptom, but I'm not pregnant. LOL BUT maybe this is our lucky month.

If I AM pregnant, I'd be 3 weeks 1 day. This month I have been really in-tune with my body, trying to recognize any pregnancy sign I can. POASing this weekend. Can't wait!

Here's my symptoms:
-On the day I think I O'd had lots of extra slippery CM. (sign of ovulation?)
-CM slowed down, but now it's back, kind of a lot but not like before.
-Been hungry more often the past couple days. I literally just ate 6 pieces of bacon, and an egg, and I'm hungry again a few minutes later.
-I felt a slight crampy feeling a couple days ago.
-Had just a slight moment where I felt my left boob was tingly.
-Tired more than usual...or it could be due to staying up too late lol BUT usually if I drink coffee, I get my energy back, but here lately, still feel tired even with coffee.
-Vivid dreams. I NEVER dream. Two nights ago I had a very real detailed dream that people kept breaking in to my house. It was weird.
-Constantly thinking about being pregnant
-AF sometimes comes every 10-12 days. last month was 29 CD's, so that's good. But so far no 10 day AF so that's good too!
-Mood rollarcoaster. One day I am so irritated, the next day, like today, I am in a great mood.
-Can't sleep but tired
-2/20/13 had a big dizzy spell. Thought I was going to pass out.

I probably have more but can't think of them right now. lol

If I am not pregnant, I must just be crazy. lol

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For me this is really in jest, because unfortunately, these are my symptoms for AF every month....

Have sore throat and the sniffles.....again
Creamy CM
Tingly breasts
Certain foods make me gag

Negative tests....

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I couldn't even begin to have symptoms yet being that I am on about CD 13, but of course I feel them. My boobs are very sore.. but I think that every month. If moodiness is a symptom I have that one FOR SURE. If you can't already tell based on the vibe of this here post. I just have days were TTC is easy and fun, and then I have days like today where it really wears on me and makes me want to scream!!! Smile

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-boobs are slightly sore by armpits
-sore throat
-vivid crazy dreams
-extremely hungry
-insomnia but super tired
-creamy cm
-heartburn (usually first indication)

Decided to test today at 8dpo for giggles and swear I see a ghost line. So light I am embarrassed to ask dh if he sees it. Lol.

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I have been having insomnia but tired as well! Last night I was up until 2am! (usually I am passed out by 10pm) Couldn't sleep. I was wide awake but tired. If that makes sense! LOL

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Mel that makes total sense cause that is just how I have been.

So my ghost line disappeared after 20 mins so I couldn't even ask dh. I though for sure I was going crazy. I went back to sleep and did another in the morning and same thing happened. Either faulty tests or something is going on. Lol. Hopefully I will have an answer in the morning or the next day.

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Is insomnia an early pregnancy symptom because I have NOT been able to sleep for about a week now!

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It is listed as a symptom on my fertilityfriend list I believe.

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I had cramping when AF was due for 3 days straight(on & off-was sure I was starting but no af). I have been nauseated, so tired, heartburn with everything I eat & drink(even a couple sips of water), emotional (snappy & aggravated to weepy), peeing & bm's A LOT, gassy A LOT, craving a roast beef & swiss cheese sandwhich with mayo several times a day(I am a turkey girl all the way & turkey sounds yuck to me). I think that's it. Going to POAS tomorrow am so we shall see if that's what all these mean!!