Pregnant family members/friends...

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Pregnant family members/friends...

Well, my husband's stepsister is pregnant, due in Sept. and now his 1/2 sister is pregnant, due in October. I think his wife needs to be pregnant in November!!!!! Seriously, it would be such a dream

I am actually not jealous of them, not that it doesn't make me want it that much more, but I'm so happy for them both. The one due in Sept. had fertility issues and tried for 2 years, before Metformin working for her, and the other has a baby only born last April, and they are really great parents. Smile


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I know what you mean. My friend of 20 years just had her baby a couple weeks ago. We both started trying to have a baby at the same time, and her's is born already and I haven't even begun makin' mine! LOL. My step sister also just had a baby. My mom keeps sending me pictures of the baby and (i dont really like my step sister) I don't really care. I'm like "yeah..yeah...cute baby........." lol. I am happy for them but I admit, I am a tad bit jelly! But yes! *Baby Dust* for us all and hopefully we get our lil beans this month. Smile

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I think it's only natural to feel a sting of jealousy. My B and SIL just had a baby on 12/26 and she told me the other day that they aren't going on BC and are just going to let nature take it's course. I would be happier for them if they didn't live in my Father in Law's basement. And if they knew the first thing about being parents. But they are still in the honeymoon phase of their first baby. And then she complains about going back to work and that she dreads dropping her DS off at daycare, but she wants to go and make another one already?? I just have a hard time when people are irresponsible about having kids. I have been holding off on #3 because I knew I HAD to. I couldn't just get pregnant because I had baby fever. We waited until the time is right, and I know this is my last baby so I am very sentimental about it. I guess I feel bad that they can act so nonchalant about making a child. Especially when they are not even out of the house.

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Story of my life! Ok, maybe I'm being a little over-dramatic, but there is some crazy baby boom happening at my church and i swear every week there's a new baby AND a new bump. (It's a pretty large church.) And I'm a little sour about it, obviously Smile

And Lyndee, we really must live parallel lives! My husbands sister announced her pregnancy a while back. I was definitely a little jealous, but more so i was bitter bc her and her husband can barely afford to care for their 1 year old. They live with her husbands brother rent free, the baby gets free state health insurance, and they are on WIC. It definitely gets on my nerves!!

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omg!!! I hate that I have to smile and what not about everything when I'm around them and when she's talking about another one when their first one is still in their room because well.. They only have the one room. I just can't see how that is going to end well for anybody.

Haha, hey maybe we're just knocked up and moody?! :jumpingbeans:

Lets hope we are and then we can just continue to smile about anything because we're like :cloud9:

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My BIL and his partner are due pretty much any day now I think, but I am not close to them, they live a fair distance away and I have only ever met them once. I have few friends and none pregnant, one doesn't want children at all. I work in a field though where I see lots of people who can't look after their kids and they keep having more, and here I am wanting a baby who I can look after and not getting pregnant

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