Quite the shock!

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Quite the shock!

We are in the November group! Our youngest is 10 months old today. This will be our 4th. Based on LMP i should be due early November but i bake my babies longer (one at 42 weeks and my most recent at 42+6). I'm still trying to wrap my mind around everything. Hope the pic isn't too big (posting from my phone):

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:lurk: Congratulations Ariel!! HH9M's Smile

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:lurk: Congrats, Ariel!

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That is a crazy dark line! Wow! Congrats!!

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That's what I thought Anna!! Based on my LMP, I'm just at 6 weeks preggers. I took that before 5 weeks and the line changed before the control. I wasn't even off the toilet yet!!!

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(GASP!) I was just coming here to post my own Ariel!! I would love to share another BB with you!!!


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Congrats!! I'm excited to have someone else having number 4!