Sharing the news!

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Sharing the news!

I had an appt. and ultrasound yesterday and everything went really well so we decided to share the news with my co-workers and our boys. I was surprised b/c I really thought most of my co-workers had figured it out, and actually they were mostly all really surprised! I definitely got a couple questions of "was this planned?", which is a question I never got for my 1st or 2nd child! I've been told to expect this question though when you have more than 2! I hate answering that b/c I never know what to say...I hate to say, actually it was somewhat of a surprise b/c it did take me longer to get pregnant with my 2nd, including miscarrying, and when all that was going on, the last thing I wanted to hear was that someone just got pregnant as a surprise. For the most part though, it was cool b/c they were all mostly more excited than I would have expected!
DH and I just sat our boys down last night and said I had an appt. and the doctor found something really cool so he took a picture for them and gave them each a picture from that am ultrasound of the baby. The baby was super cooperative and it was a good picture. My oldest thought I was joking, but when we said that it was a new baby, he goes "I knew already b/c your stomach is getting bigger!" He then started chanting for a sister! It was sweet b/c the 2 year old was super excited and said he was going to give it hugs and kisses and share his juice! They are both pretty excited about the baby and it's so fun not to have to hide it anymore!
Anyone else done any sharing recently??

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Aw, how exciting! We shared a while back when we got good test results. Most people at work know, but I still haven't had the big conversation with my bosses. I probably better do that soon.