Should I Worry?

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Should I Worry?

I was laying on my back playing with my son and I turned my head so I wasn't watching him and he plopped down directly on my stomach really hard, right where the baby has been laying. I had a really bad pain for a few minutes, but no cramping and no bleeding. But now there's a pain in what feels like my ovary area and sneezing hurts :/

Should I be worried? I haven't had this happen before, but just worry something may have happened. I really don't wanna go to the ER because Naval sucks when it comes to the ER.

Has anyone had something like this happen and everything be okay?

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I was reading at this stage the uterus is still protected by the pelvic bones, and it isn't until a month or so into the 2nd trimester that it goes above and there is less protection. Even if you are "showing" it's not really the uterus/baby. Like for me I look like I'm 5 months along but it is mostly bloat. How many weeks are you?

They book, which is fabulous by the way Great Expectations: Your All-in-One Resource for Pregnancy & Childbirth: Sandy Jones, Marcie Jones: 9780760741320: Books goes on to say that not much, including car accidents, carnival rides etc, can hurt the baby at this stage (but to avoid them once the uterus is above the pelvic bone).

Personally I'd call an advice nurse to be safe.

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I'm 13 1/2 weeks now Smile (I need to make a ticker!)

I just got off the phone and they said I won't be able to be seen today but if I feel I need to be seen to go to the ER and they'll do an ultrasound and everything. Still no cramping or bleeding which is good. The guy said a nurse will hopefully be able to call back before 430 today since I don't wanna go to the ER if it's not needed, esp since I have 3 kids I'd have to drag along and they always take no less than FOUR HOURS to get things done at Naval ER.

It still hurts if I cough or sneeze too hard and if I touch that spot. However, I did have cysts in that same ovary after I had my son and it's been sore off and on, so maybe it's just something like that? I remember it hurting when I would ovulate too. I also had a really bad ruptured cyst last summer/fall.

That does make me feel better though. I mean my son is only 16 lbs so he's not a huge kid and it wasn't like he jumped, he just stumbled and plopped on me really hard ha ha.

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I've had my belly jumped on numerous times, especially during my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies (I had 30lb 1-year-olds during both those pregnancies) and baby was always fine. I hope the pain lets up and you are able to get checked out tomorrow for your peace of mind.

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How are you feeling today? Hope you are feeling better! I'm guessing you should be fine, but would totally understand wanting to get it checked out if you still hurt. My 2 year old knows I'm pregnant, but not my 4 year old b/c I've told him when he is being rough and kicking and he seems to stop if I say it's going to hurt the baby (not though if it's just me)!!\
Hope everything is good!

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A nurse called back yesterday and said that I should be fine. She said that if I had fallen down the stairs or something than it would be cause for concern but since my son just landed on me and wasn't bleeding or cramping not to worry. She also said that if I'm having pain to take Tylenol and if the pain still doesn't go away to go in.

So far, there's still a little pain, but no longer there when I sneeze cough, so that's good! And I think the pain is only the dreaded round ligament pains (ugh!)

In the back of my mind I'm still worried, but I also worried all through my son's pregnancy. Although with his I had a lot of cramping and spotting at the beginning and then at about 20 weeks it felt like I was have contractions (I could hardly walk and woke up crying). I think part of it is because before his pregnancy I had a m/c and I never wanna go through something like that again so I'm just really cautious. (Another reason I still haven't told my siblings and decided to wait until Father's Day to announce our pregnancy on FB).

Shew sorry for the rambling Smile It's just nice to communicate with someone older than 8 years old lol!