Showing ?!?!

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Showing ?!?!

So, I'm 9 weeks pregnant and pretty sure that I am showing! My pants still all fit no problem, but I definitely have a tiny bump! Today, I am wearing a thinner material t-shirt and I feel like it is definitely noticable, although maybe if you didn't know my, it may just look like I don't have a flat tummy! I'm not a super skinny person at all, but am pretty fit so usually have a fairly flat stomach! With Camden, I know I got bloated and felt big immediately, but this definitely feels and looks like a little bump to me! I have my next appt. on May 15th so I'm really hoping that is when I can wait to tell everyone that doesn't know (like almost all my co-workers), so I'm going to have to really start thinking about what clothes I wear in front of people who I don't want to know yet!!
Anyone else showing already???

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We need pics!! Wink

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Ok, I'm going to try and upload a pic, but haven't done this forever so it may not work out!
This is from Saturday when I wrote the post. That afternoon DH took the boys to the gym and when they got home, I had taken my sweater off and looked like this and Camden came up to me and said "baby, mommy tummy, baby" and pointed to my tummy!! We haven't told the boys yet (thankfully Drew was in another room) so I was trying to get him to be quiet so I could put my sweater back on and Drew wouldn't hear him!

I feel like it looks diferent depending on the time of day and what I'm wearing!

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:lurk: Your picture looks like mine! lol. and I'm only 5 weeks! hahaha. I'm sure there is some bloating in there a bit but you might have a baby belly since it's your 3rd. Smile

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Check out my May Space - I was showing before 9 weeks so TOTALLY possible! Wink

HH9M, mama! Biggrin

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I'm 11 weeks today and showing. My mom is here for a few more days and she asked me today if I was because she could tell (I was going to tell her once the girls are asleep).

But I'm also on #4 and I know I've heard you show earlier the more kids you have.