Sick and miserable

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Sick and miserable

I've been super sick ever since I got back from my vacation, started with a wicked sore throat, but now is this horrendous cough. And basically I can have throat lozenges and that's about it. I may breakdown and take some sudafed to get rid of the gunk, the midwife says it's safe, but then I read mixed reviews. Although much of the danger is in the first tri and I'm well past that.

Any of you dealing with illness? This is so awful it makes me gag and throw up, and perhaps the worst is the loss of bladder control while coughing. Totally embarrassing, but luckily that mostly happens at night.

Sorry for the complaining, but unlike my last pregnancy this one has just been hit after hit and I've felt awful 95% of the time since getting those 2 pink lines.

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I've been getting sick off and on which stinks. I also get real bad headaches a lot of time and just take Tylenol, which I hate doing.

I hope you start feeling better soon.