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Ok, so I just switched from feeling incredibly nauseous for the past 6 weeks to being starving! It's so odd to feel hungry again! I still get a little sick feeling later at night (night is always my worst time), but overall I feel so much better. It freaked me out at first to not feel sick, but I think with both of my previous pregnancies that right before I started the 2nd trimester I started to feel better.
Anyone else getting their appetite back?

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My appetite comes back in waves, alternating with food disgusting me.

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I wake up starving and at night I'm starving. During the day it varies. but I've been craving Subway lol

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I'm still pretty sick most of the time (it's been like 9 weeks now and I'm so sick of it!!!). But I am having more good days, and those days I'm usually starving. It's nice to enjoy food again, even if it's only sometimes.