Still No AF...

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Still No AF...

Still no af, no sign of her to come. I took another pg test this am & it's neg. Called my doc office & they sent me for a Beta blood test today but I won't get the results until next week. I really want to scream! This waiting is driving me crazy!! I feel 95% sure I am but until they confirm it...I am waiting in limbo. And what will I do if this comes out neg? Will I have to wait a couple of weeks to test again to see if it shows anything? I am exactly 5 weeks today if I am pg(based on LMP). I know sometimes it can take longer for it show(even though I have never had a problem like this before as my hcg levels have always shown up on a urine test by 4wks. Anyone else going through this? Or have gone through this & found out they were pg later than 5 wks despite neg tests? Thanks for letting me vent:-)