Stomach bug on TOP of 1st tri

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Stomach bug on TOP of 1st tri


I've been sick since Tuesday, better enough to be back at work today, but I lost it 4 times on Tuesday. I was super close to having to go to the ER for IV fluids per the advice nurse. I even couldn't hold down the Zofran I took!

Was surprised to find out Benadryl also helps with the nausea, so daytime I'm taking one pill and night time two pills. (25 and 50mg respectively).

I didn't know at first if I was sick or if it was just m/s, but I think I definitely got hit with a nasty bug. It knocked me off my feet and I still can't eat much.

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Yes! I had it around 6 weeks and it was awful. I didn't feel well for a whole week.

I hope you feel better soon!

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Ugh there's supposedly a bad one going around our base right now. I'm hoping and praying it doesn't hit our household. We had a really bad one in the fall. I don't want it again!!