We're (Probably) Having a...

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We're (Probably) Having a...

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I got the u/s where they could tell the gender in June and had the tech circle the gender I was having and put it in an envelope. I sealed it and didn't ever look at it. The day Tyler was to come home I went to the store, had them look at the gender and fill either blue or pink balloons and put them in a black trash bag. I then went home, went into a dark room, put the bag in the box, releasead the balloons in there and skillfully got the bag out and taped up the box without seeing the color. When we opened the box, imagine our surprise when pink AND blue came out!!! Everyone was like "Is it TWINS?!" Turns out, the tech wrote "probably a girl" so the people at the store put both colors in. Ha ha! Don't worry, it's just ONE Smile

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Congrats! Not sure why our board hasn't been active at all, but yay!