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What's new?

What's new with everyone? I feel like this board has been soooooooo slow!!
The biggest thing that will be new with me is that we have our big 20 week ultrasound Wednesday! I'm excited! It's funny though b/c I really feel like it's going to be a boy so it's almost like I'm not anticipating it as much as with the other 2. We're trying to figure out a fun way to tell our boys, but haven't decided yet. Any great ideas? We have the apt in the am and then I might have 30 minutes (if I'm lucky) before I have to get to work so I don't have much time to get something ready to tell them b/c I want to tell them right away so I can tell other people then!
Other than that, nothing really new. I've been feeling really good for the most part. Yesterday, I had horrible back pain, but it only lasted a day and then left (thankfully)! I think I just overdid it. I've still been jogging 3x/week, but my job is pretty physical (lots of lifting and crawling around with kiddos) and it's really started to hit me the last 2 weeks b/c my intern graduated and I had to do the work. I'm thinking I'll switch to walking soon. I've been starting to get Braxton hicks- anyone else? I always get these super bad and they can be painful, which stinks b/c then I can't tell if they're real or just fake. With DS1, I got put on bedrest b/c they were so bad all day, so hoping that doesn't happen again!
I'd love to hear what's going on with everyone else!!

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I agree our board is slow Sad

I think the other day I had BH contractions, but I think a lot of it was because I didn't drink enough water. I need to drink ore water! Other than that I main have round ligament pains and I have a pain on the inside of my crotch area where my leg meets (it's not in the joint, but the muscle) which I figure I just need to stretch more (I just got done driving with my mom about 30 hours).
You could bring an envelope to your appt and have one piece of paper say BOY and another say GIRL and whichever you're having, stick the piece of paper in the envelope and they can open it (and it can be colored too). Since you don't have much time that's the fastest and easiest one I can think of ha ha.
If you had more time you could use balloons or glitter or something. Pintrest has a lot of cute ideas Smile
Oh I've seen it where the mom and dad or the kids have either a mustache or lips on sticks and hold those up to reveal the gender (a lot of people in my area seem to be doing gender reveal pics lately ha ha). But you could have one of each and then "put it on" when you tell the kids.

But yay for the big u/s! I loved seeing my LO again Smile