How are you guys feeling so far?

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How are you guys feeling so far?

I'm actually feeling pretty good. Besides the sinus infection/Head cold that my son brought home from school. I've been napping during the day while my kiddos are in school and I've been craving BBQ sauce and Ranch dressing with EVERYTHING. We've only told a handful of close family, my first appointment/Ultrasound is April 15th. So excited this time around.

How's everyone else doing?

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I'm doing well! Glad to hear you are too. I get cramps every now and then and know it is normal but of course worry. I nap when my kids do almost every day!, first appointment is at 8 weeks on April 8th

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I was doing really well with minimal symptoms until a couple of days ago when they hit hard.

Today has been pretty bad. It's gone 6pm and I've only just managed to have something to eat other than a couple of ginger biscuits this morning. Just the sight and smell of food was making me want to vomit. My boobs hurt so bad I can't touch them too. It started with tingling and then yesterday they were sore and by the evening they were properly painful. Today they're worse. I'm really tired too and I nearly fainted earlier which is a new one on me!

Still loving every minute though and wouldn't change it for the world!!! Smile I'm taking it all as a sign that baby is happy and healthy.

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Mostly just extreme exhaustion. I am so tired. My eyelids do not want to stay open. A wave of nausea this morning though, which I am ok with. Nice to feel rotten and know that means the baby is ok. lol