Looks like I'm here to stay for awhile!

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Looks like I'm here to stay for awhile!

Got a definite BFP today at 9DPO!

I think my EDD is 20th November. So surprised and excited... Smile

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I said it already but eeeeepppppppppp!!!
So so so so so happy!!!!!!!

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Congrats Biggrin

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Congratulations Sarah-Jean!!! Smile HH9M!

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Wonderful news! Yay!

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Thanks girls. So shocked! I assume it was the Soy Isoflavones, B6 and Bromelain that did it!

Here's a pic of my test today. I can't stop POAS - just seems so early to get a BFP!

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congratulations! Sending you tons of sticky vibes.

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Congrats!! Biggrin

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:party::yahoo::wootjump: Congratulations!!!! Yay for our November pumpkin pies!!!!

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