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Thread: Updates!

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    Default Updates!

    I know I haven't been over here in a while, I've been dealing with some things. I started having these gushes of blood and then they would stop or go to spotting and then happen all over again about 24 hours later. Had an abdominal U/S which showed baby was good and then my Appt. with the doc. He told me just to not have sex until I get to week 12, but I could do Zumba or exercise and then we would talk about it, but if I had anymore bleeding to call, that was on a Tuesday. Friday, I woke up and had more bleeding and more red, Called the doc and the nurse told me I could drive over an hour away for an exam but there was really nothing they could do for me if I was going to miscarry.

    So I waited, had a few more episodes and then this morning woke up to it again, I was done at that point, and I felt I couldn't even call my OB to tell them, because of my previous conversation, so I found a new OB to go to. Was told to go to the ER, went and baby looked great was wiggling around HB of 168. Found out I have a SCH and i'm on modified bed rest until it resolves. Follow up appt with the new DR on the 1st.

    So that's what I've been up to! How are the rest of you ladies??
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    Oh my God hun, that sounds awful. You must be worried out of your mind, I can't believe your first Ob!

    Thank God baby is doing OK though. I had SCH in a couple of my pregnancies, the bleeding was horrible but baby will probably be OK.


    I'm OK. Heard Pickle's heartbeat today on my doppler and have my next scan and Harmony test on Monday. Just muddling along, and can't wait to meet my baby in a few months time!

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