When is everyone telling?

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When is everyone telling?

When are you all planning on telling people about your pregnancy?

Normally we tell everyone as soon as we find out as I'm terrible at keeping it quiet from people... So far I haven't told anyone IRL about this baby other than two good friends and that was mainly because people were gossiping about me in a private group.

I've bought a couple of baby vests that say I

Not really sure when to tell the rest of my family and friends though...

So yeah! When and how are you planning to tell people? Or have you already done so?

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I told everyone within 24 hours of my positive. I can't hide my joy either. Nor would I be able to hide my grief if something were to happen. So, enjoying every minute I have is my MO. Smile

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Every time I have told two of my best friends right away for support. With our first I told everyone else after our first ultrasound at 8 weeks. With our second we waited until 19 weeks because it was so soon after having our first. That was kinda fun! This time my family knew we had been trying and were started on Clomid so when they asked if it worked I didn't want to lie. Will probably wait to announce to all other family till 8-12 weeks. Not sure!

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We don't spill the beans until after week #12 when we know things are in the clear. This time around it will be no different.

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Well, I just realized that isn't true at all. I already told my sister, my parents, a friend at work who *knows* how to keep his mouth shut, AND my personal trainer. I think I might tell both my brothers soon as well if I'm still pregnant next week. I'm sure my husband won't breath a word to anyone in his side of the family, tho. And we will definitely not say a word to our daughters until we know for sure everything is in the clear.

I have a couple fun ideas for spreading the news on Facebook tho...

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If our ultrasound goes well on the 15th, I might tell then., Otherwise we'll wait until we find out the gender. Normally I tell right away, as soon s I get my BFP, but after our loss in July I can't go through having to tell people that news again, so we'll wait.