First day at Nursery School

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First day at Nursery School

He ran straight in and started playing with the toys. I went to give him a kiss goodbye and he hardly noticed. As I was leaving I saw him look at me through the window.....After that I proceeded to cry for almost 10 minutes in my car.

I know it is so good for him to be with other children. I just NEED to find a way to be home more with him.

My girlfriend came to visit this weekend and our kids are 2 weeks apart in age. Her little girl is talking, identifying so many things and I really think it is because she is able to work with her all the time and teach her things. The working mom guilt is hitting me really bad again. DB is not all that great and comforting me on this subject. It makes him feel bad he can't provide for me to stay home and raise our son so when I bring it up he just shrugs it off that I am being crazy.

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All children learn differently. I know lots of kids that talk late and their parents are home with them and kids that talk early and are in day care. You are doing the best you can with your son and that is what counts.

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I am glad that Reed had an easy transition into nursery school but I'm sorry that it was hard for you! I understand how hard that can be! Hopefully it gets easier each day. You are right, it is good for him to be with other children and you are doing the best you can. Every child develops at their own pace so don't beat yourself up about that. When I was working I had mommy guilt too so I understand how you feel. Now that I am home with Ethan 4 days a week I feel guility that I get frustrated with him when he gets stubborn and aggressive and I can't seem to find a way to help him understand. I got laid off from one of my part time jobs and my other part time job is done for the summer. I am doing my college internship (unpaid) 3 days a week. The change in our income (now we only have DH's) has forced us to make some tough choices. I am trying to find some way to make a little money at home. I am looking into selling Pampered Chef. Have you thought about doing daycare at home so you can be home with Reed yet still make some money?

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The grass is always greener, right! Big hugs momma - sounds like he is going to do great in daycare. Mady has been at the Montessori school since 3 months and it has been wonderful for her. She has learned a lot, is very social and loves going to school.

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Don't beat yourself up mama! It is good for him to be with other kids. Alicia has a speech delay and the best thing we ever did was put her in a daycare with other kids, her speech has improved dramatically! Its good that he went right in and played. Be prepared that he may have bad days though...both mine still cry from time to time when I leave...usually if I've been out in the evenings a bit. I'm sorry that you were upset about leaving him. Its hard. You're doing a great job. :bigarmhug: