Hi everyone, missed you all!

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Hi everyone, missed you all!

Omg its been so long since using these boards......i guess wen baby #2 arrived time became a thing that did not exist lol!

I miss all the familiar faces and cannot believe how dead these boards are now, such a shame Sad

Hopefully we can all liven it up! My other BB is the same too Sad

Anyway, how is everyone? Aaron is 2 years now, and kieran is 8.5months. We will be ttc our 3rd after our wedding in july next year.

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Good to hear from you!

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good to hear from you too! Congrats on the wedding!!!

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The boards are kinda dead i agree. Even my current BB is slow(im due in April) Most of the girls i have on my Fb page tho. I seem to keep up with them that way! Congrats on the wedding! How is it having two boys around? hehe

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Hi Angie! Do you still not use Facebook? Most of us are over there Smile Would love to see some updated pics of the boys.