Lactose Intolerance

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Lactose Intolerance

Anyone elses little ones lactose Intolerant? We just found out that Bella is Lactose intolerant and we wondering what other parents feed there lactose intolerant little ones.

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I have a friend whose little girl is lactose intolerant since she was only a few months old. The doctor said she will probably outgrow it eventually, but for now they cut it out for her and most of the family.

They substitute soy for the dairy needs......nice side effect was my girlfriend lost all kinds of weight, but the bad part was her little girl has the hardest time gaining weight.

I went dairy free while BFing and used Lactaid as a milk substitute. It wasn't bad at all. I don't use any soy products because of my history with PCOS.

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No lactose intolerance here, but I am allergic to dairy protein, so I rarely eat any dairy (or I do and suffer the consequences Lol). Cows dairy is actually not really good for anyone, so I also rarely give it to my daughter. She drinks goats milk. If we run out I'll give her almond milk (it's what I put in my cereal & smoothies) until I run out to get more goats milk. On the odd occasion I'll buy her hemp milk; It's very healthy and she likes it, and nutritionally the closest of the "milks" to breastmilk. Downside is, it's very expensive, so I don't make it a habit. We eat a ton of goats cheese. Because my daughter is sensitive to wheat, we primarily shop at Nature's Far, and they have plenty of non-dairy (and other) options. Soy ice cream is great, goats milk ice cream is also great. We get dairy-free margarine, soy yogurt, soy pudding, vegan 70% dark chocolate, dairy free mac & cheese, etc. Eating dairy free is relatively easy -- especially when you're a kid and don't know any better!

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Matthew is not able to drink cows' milk, cream cheese, or sour cream, etc. but he's fine with shredded and sliced cheeses (weird huh?). We use Light Vanilla Soy Milk for him to keep the diarrhea at bay. He calls it "mik juice" b/c he knows it's not the same as "mik".